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Activated Carbon Common Uses

* Clean water treatment

1.  The cleaning of tap water, drinking water and pure water, the removing of organic matter, hazardous materials and heavy metals, filling materials in the filtration cores of water filter.

2. Additive in the advanced treatment of pure water and tap water.


* Waste water treatment

1. Low gravity industry, sanitary wastewater cleaning, de-coloration, deodorization, COD degrading.

2. Wastewater cleaning, de-coloration, deodorization, removing of COD and heavy metal.


* Air pollution prevention

1. Air cleaning and deodorization in the areas of biochemistry, pharmaceutical industry, painting industry, underground engineering are, leather industry, animal far.

2. Air pollution prevention, removing the hazardous materials and odors in gases.

3. Cigar filters, canisters, air filtration, gas refining.


* Gold refining

1. The refining of gold.


* De-coloration treatment

1. Medicine, distillery, organic acid and inorganic industry, also used in purification and de-coloration.

2. Sugar refinery and painting industry, also used in purification and de-coloration.


* Deodorization treatment

1. Food preservatives, keeping nitrogen and removing nitrogen, also used as smell adsorption in refrigerators.

2. Adsorption of stack gas odor and sulfide, removing of mercury steam, reducing the generation of dioxin.


* Catalysis carrier

1. Catalysis or catalysis carrier in synthetic industry.

2. Carrier in the fluidization bed treatment system and floating bed treatment system.


* Solvent Recovery

1. Removing the hazardous materials and odors in gases.

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